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Asus ROG FALCHION ACE Compact 65% Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard, Wired Dual US

Asus ROG FALCHION ACE Compact 65% Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard, Wired Dual US

Asus ROG FALCHION ACE Compact 65% Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard, Wired Dual US

Key Switches: Pre-lubed ROG NX mechanical switches with ROG switch stabilizer. On Board Memory: "Up to six profiles, including up to five custom schemes".

Hot Keys: Profile Hot Keys Lighting Effects Hot Keys Brightness Setting Hot Keys Macro Hot Keys Media Hot Keys. N-Key Rollover: 100% Anti-Ghosting & N-Key Rollover.

LED Lighting: Aura Sync with per-key RGB lighting. Additional Features: PBT doubleshot keycaps Sound-dampening foam Interactive touch panel Dual Type-C ports Three keyboard tilt angles Innovative keyboard cover case See Overview / Video for more details. Dimensions/Weight: 305.79 x 101 x 37.5mm Approx. Package Weight: 1.2600 kg.

ROG Falchion Ace 65% compact gaming keyboard with pre-lubed ROG NX mechanical switches with ROG switch stabilizer, PBT doubleshot keycaps, sound-dampening foam, interactive touch panel, dual Type-C ports, three keyboard tilt angles, and cover case. Compact design: 65% keyboard in a 60% frame masterfully incorporates arrow and navigation keys. ROG NX mechanical switches: Lubricated stem and housing for smoother clicks and to eliminate bouncing noise respectively, fast actuation and ROG-tuned force curves for great, consistent keystrokes. Better typing experience: Specially designed ROG switch stabilizer to ensure smooth keystrokes and stability for longer keys, plus ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps and built-in sound-dampening foam for improved acoustics.

Intuitive control: Interactive touch panel for easy adjustments and customization. Dual USB-C®: Flexible port placement for a neater setup, and enable users to quick-toggle switch between two PCs.

Ergonomic design: Three keyboard tilt angles for comfort and control. Portable protection: Innovative keyboard cover case provides on-the-go protection. Get ready for combat with the ROG Falchion Ace keyboard. This compact 65% form-factor gaming keyboard boasts an interactive touch panel and innovative two-way cover case, and features pre-lubed ROG NX mechanical switches, ROG stabilizers and durable ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps for smooth and precise keystrokes. Two USB-C® ports on either side of the keyboard allow for a neat and flexible setup, while three keyboard tilt angles ensure comfortable gaming. The ROG team aimed to provide a compact keyboard without compromise, masterfully incorporating arrow and navigation keys into a 65% keyboard layout. And at just 306 mm in length, the ROG Falchion Ace is almost the same size as a 60% keyboard.

It gives you all the functions of a normal keyboard without taking up much desktop space. ROG NX Red Mechanical Switches. Tuned for great keystroke feel and consistency with fast actuation. ROG NX Red Mechanical Switches provide a 1.8mm actuation point for fast input.

Initial actuation force of 40gf helps prevent accidental keystrokes, and it extends to 55gf for perfect rebound feedback. As a result, keystrokes are instantaneous and have a smooth and linear feel. ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps provide a unique and premium feel, as well as offer long-lasting durability. Key design has been optimized with mid-height keycaps and a shorter stem to reduce key wobble for a more comfortable user experience. Compared to standard key stabilizer mechanisms, the Falchion Ace has specially tuned, lubricated switch stabilizers that greatly reduce keystroke friction to provide smooth and stable keystrokes for longer keys such as the Spacebar, Shift and Enter keys.

Integrated foam absorbs pinging noises and echoes for improved acoustics. An innovative touch panel on the left side of the Falchion Ace lets you conveniently adjust volume, or create shortcuts for switching apps, or copying and pasting. It can also be programmed for use as a macro key for more intuitive controls for gaming. The Falchion Ace features two USB-C ports on either side of the rear edge for a much neater setup, allowing you to connect up to two PCs simultaneously and quick-toggle switch between the two. The Falchion Ace has two pairs of keyboard feet of different heights, giving it three ergonomic tilt angles to suit your preference.

The transparent polycarbonate keyboard cover provides superb protection when you're storing or taking ROG Falchion Ace to LAN parties and competitions. The cover can also be placed under the keyboard when in use, to give the underside RGB lighting a diffused look. With Aura Sync RGB, the entire color spectrum and a range of dynamic lighting effects are at your command.

Individually lit keys allow you to create a keyboard that's uniquely yours. Armoury Crate unifies system and lighting controls. Easily create, define and customize scenario profiles, map keys, and record macros. Touch Panel & Windows Lock Key. Disable the touch panel and Windows key with a single press for undisturbed gaming.

Save up to six profiles, including up to five custom schemes, and use them anytime, anywhere. 100% Anti-Ghosting & N-Key Rollover. Every keystroke is registered accurately, no matter how many keys are pressed. Toggle between Media or Function (Fn) key input to easily switch modes for work or play. Record macros on the fly and map them to fully programmable keys.
Asus ROG FALCHION ACE Compact 65% Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard, Wired Dual US