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Loupedeck Live Console for Content Creators & Streamers Mfr # LDD-2001

Loupedeck Live Console for Content Creators & Streamers Mfr # LDD-2001
Loupedeck Live Console for Content Creators & Streamers Mfr # LDD-2001
Loupedeck Live Console for Content Creators & Streamers Mfr # LDD-2001

Loupedeck Live Console for Content Creators & Streamers Mfr # LDD-2001

You are watching a Brand New with tags. Intuitively Edit Video, Photos & Audio. Control Live Streams, Browse Spotify. Native Integration with Popular Software. Free Custom Profiles & Plug-Ins.

Touchscreen LCD, Dials & Buttons. Use with Twitch, Streamlabs & OBS Studio. Use with Adobe, FCP X & More. Loupedeck Live is a customizable desktop console that lets you switch between the tools you need to either edit photos/videos/audio, control live streams, and browse the Web. Connecting to your Mac or Windows computer over an included USB cable, Loupedeck Live works as a natural extension of your keyboard, mouse, and/or graphic tablet to provide streamlined, efficient control in popular editing software and streaming platforms.

Loupedeck Live features native integration with many applications, such as Adobe After Effects, OBS Studio, and Spotify (see below), and is also compatible with many others. Designed context-aware, Loupedeck Live provides you with all the tools of the editing or streaming applications you create a profile for. For streaming, Loupedeck Live is designed with deep integration with Twitch, Streamlabs, and OBS Studio (Streamlabs and OBS Studio integrations are currently only supported on Windows). The console lets you customize and organize all your actions, go live in seconds, switch between scenes and sources, record gameplay, and save replays. In a compact form, Loupedeck Live offers a touchscreen and dials and color-coded buttons that provide you with haptic feedback, which confirms each operation so you know you're in control, even when making micro-adjustments.

You can customize your own toolsets into each of these controls for your editing and streaming operations or download ready-made profiles for free from Loupedeck. Custom profiles and plug-ins can be created or downloaded for free for any software you wish to use the Loupedeck Live with, including the applications that are natively supported. Custom profiles rely on keyboard shortcuts and macros, whereas plug-ins allow you to use API-based actions as well. Streamlabs and OBS Studio integrations are currently supported on Windows only.

Loupedeck Live simplifies creating exciting new streaming content while staying connected with your audience. Keep an eye on your viewer count while managing chat modes, running a commercial, or sending predefined chat messages, all with the simple push of a button. Streamlabs & OBS Studio (Windows Only).

Experience a faster, smoother, and more customized Streamlabs/OBS experience with Loupedeck Live. Intuitively control live video streams with Loupedeck Live's premade profiles for Streamlabs and OBS Studio.

Boost the production quality of your content and control every aspect of your live stream. Loupedeck Live's native integration with Adobe Lightroom Classic gives you instant access to your favorite tools and functions, and it even automates various steps of your workflow. Loupedeck Live makes editing and retouching fast by putting everything you need right at your fingertips.

Designed to work alongside your mouse and keyboard, Loupedeck Live provides instant access to your favorite tools, functions, and profiles, eliminating the need to toggle through menus. Loupedeck Live's native integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC provides a faster video editing and color-grading experience for professionals. Organize your favorite tools and functions into custom workspaces or take advantage of Loupedeck Live's default Premiere Pro workspaces, built with the necessary tools and functions required at each stage of the video editing process.

Native integration with FCP X makes grading and editing your videos fast. Loupedeck Live gives you quick access to all the tools you need to organize your clips, navigate your timeline, cut and trim clips, and make precision edits to color. Every button and dial, as well as the touchscreen, can be customized to your personal editing style.

Gain intuitive control over the tools you use with Loupedeck Live's quickly accessible custom workspaces. Loupedeck Live gives instant access to the tools you use and lets you streamline various stages of your workflow without sacrificing time or artistic integrity.

Quickly navigate through Illustrator and control everything, such as line height, line width, and fonts. Loupedeck Live is fully customizable and provides a seamless editing experience, meaning you can adapt every button or dial to your needs.

With native integration with Adobe Audition, Loupedeck Live offers full control over all parameters with the turn of a dial, allowing you to edit and compose audio faster and intuitively. Native integration with Adobe After Effects CC makes editing and color grading visuals and motion effects both efficient and intuitive. Loupedeck Live comes equipped with custom workspaces dedicated to various workflows, enabling quick access to an array of Adobe After Effects editing tools. Loupedeck Live offers full control over all parameters. Loupedeck Live provides instant access to Spotify and can be launched with a push of a button.

Select the perfect track or playlist and adjust the volume, for a more enjoyable creative experience when working in your video/audio editing software. API commands are only available to Spotify Premium users. MacOS 10.13 or Higher Windows 10 or Higher. 4.3 / 11 cm Touchscreen 480 x 272 Resolution. 5.9 x 4.3 x 1.2 / 15 x 11 x 3 cm.

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Loupedeck Live Console for Content Creators & Streamers Mfr # LDD-2001